Honoring Dorothy Kolstad's 44 Years as a Teacher in Glasgow

Dorothy Kolstad's children and their families have gifted an additional $5,000.00 to the Glasgow High School Educational Trust, bringing their total giving to $35,254.00.

This giving is to honor their Mom who taught for over 44 years in Glasgow schools. The positive impact she has had on so many people’s lives is immeasurable.

Dorothy is the eldest of 8 children born to Chris and Agnes Molvig. She grew up in Tampico, graduated from Glasgow High School, and received History and Home Economics degrees in 1955 from Montana State University.

She entered her teaching career in 1955 at Glasgow High School, then taught at Glasgow Middle School, and finished her career at Glasgow High School in 2009.

Dorothy commented:

“Teaching has always been a passion of mine, ever since I visited Tampico Grade School and completed 8 years there. Tampico gave me a chance to help younger students because there were 8 grades in one room. I was the only girl with 4 boys in my class.

Over the years, I have taught consumer science, Montana history, world history, American history, and economics. Teaching summer school classes was also an interesting part of my career. We took field trips outside of the classroom and visited other schools. One of the most enjoyable was the summer school we taught and learned field activities about Lewis and Clark at a camp on the Missouri River. Many of my former students stop me and relate things they learned and still use today. I feel very honored when they speak to me today about what they learned or just about the friendship we established.

Being an ardent Scottie fan I have developed many friendships with other schools. I am still proud and wear red and white when I help out at tournaments and sell tickets at games.

Honoring me is a great gift and I appreciate it. It is such an honor to be recognized for something you enjoyed and was not just a job.”