Robert "Bob" E. Rennick Donation and Recent Awards

Recent GHS Educational Trust Awards Include

First in Memory of Bob Rennick, Jr.


For half a century, the Glasgow High School Educational Trust has been offering financial aid to GHS alumni pursuing higher education.  With each award, the trust reminds the recipient that it is a “gift” made possible by the generosity of hundreds of donors who value education and love this community.  Recipients are always encouraged to return the favor, to “pay it forward,” by contributing to the trust when they are in a position to do so.  This spirit of philanthropy and commitment to others was beautifully illustrated recently by a bequest from Robert  “Bob” E. Rennick, Jr., of $21,069. 32, from his Montana Teachers Retirement System fund on his passing last May.


Bob Rennick, Jr., was a 1985 graduate of Glasgow High School.  Encouraged by his teachers to pursue higher education, among them Kitty Lou Rusher, who would become his mentor, colleague, and close friend, Bob enrolled in Northern Montana College (now MSU-Northern).  As is the case for so many students, both then and now, Bob needed all the financial help he could get, and he applied to the Glasgow High School Educational Trust for assistance.  He was awarded gifts in 1986 and 1987 in memory of Florence Friedlund, a long-time Glasgow resident and philanthropist.  He received his Bachelor’s degree from Northern in 1989 and accepted a teaching position in Winifred, Montana, that fall.  In 1998, he returned to Glasgow where he taught high school English and coached Speech and Drama until 2007, when he became a guidance counselor at GHS.  His Master’s Degree in Counseling, also from MSU-Northern, enabled him to teach English and psychology courses through the outreach program at Fort Peck Community College as well. He retired in 2014. 


Sensitive and compassionate, Bob encouraged and aided students in coping with the challenges of adolescence and assisted them in finding their post-secondary paths.   He never forgot the help he had received from others, and he advised his students to seek out all sources of support just as he had done to achieve his goals. He was a strong advocate for the Glasgow High School Educational Trust, as evidenced by his generous legacy. 


Whenever the trust receives donations in the name of a particular individual that total $500 or more, a gift to a student or GHS is given in honor, recognition, or memory of that individual.  Donations of $10,000 or more in the name of a particular individual entitle the donor to an annual naming opportunity in perpetuity. The trust is honored and grateful to add Robert “Bob” E. Rennick, Jr., to its permanent list of faithful Scotty supporters.           


All donations to the trust of stock, cash, or real estate are administered by its Board of Trustees.  Interest earned on its investments is used to give financial assistance to eligible alumni who meet all of the application requirements. With assets now valued over $5 million dollars, the trust has the ability to help dozens of students each year, who may reapply for assistance for a total of eight semesters toward a first degree.  For example, for the 2015-2016 academic year alone, the trust granted a total of $184,500 to 47 students.  In the 50 years since its first award, the trust has given $1,836,500 in financial aid to hundreds of different students attending colleges and trade schools across the nation.  


In addition to the grants given to students, the Glasgow High School Educational Trust also purchases equipment and programs for GHS that cannot be financed within the regular budget.  A total of 111 gifts have been made to GHS across all departments.  Recent trust purchases include 3-D printers to support the Drafting and Design class within the STEM curriculum and the Anatomy and Physiology class in the science department.  Other trust purchases include extensive improvements in the lighting and sound system of the auditorium.  These gifts benefit all students and the public at large when they attend events at GHS or use its facilities.  The total dollar amount of the trust’s purchases for GHS to date is $221,217.52. 


Financial grants to students from the GHS Educational Trust are based primarily on need.  Trust applicants that also apply for federal student aid should be aware that new rules for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are now in effect.  According to information recently released by Reach Higher Montana, the FAFSA for the 2017-18 academic year will now be available on Oct 1, 2016, rather than January 1, 2017, and will allow students and their families to use income tax information from 2015.  This will allow all students applying to the GHS Educational Trust who have also completed the FAFSA to include a signed and dated copy of their financial aid award acceptance letter with their GHS Educational Trust application. This will be a trust requirement effective for the October 15, 2016, application deadline and henceforth to enable the trustees to make fair assessments of need. 


The application for financial aid from the Glasgow High School Educational Trust and other relevant information is available at  Application deadlines are July 1st of each year for both semesters of the upcoming academic year, and October 15th for the spring semester only.  


At its recent semi-annual meeting, the Glasgow High School Educational Trust made the following gifts to students in honor, memory, or recognition of the individuals listed by their names:


First-time recipients:


Josephine Braaten, Minnesota State University-Mankato, IMO Harold H. and Irene W. Smith; Amy K. Breigenzer, University of North Dakota, IMO Russell “Rusty” Smith; Kaleb A. Cole, MSU-Bozeman, IMO Aaron “Chappy” Chatten; Edwin E. Daggett, MSU-Bozeman, IMO Wallace L. Johnson; Gage J. Legare, MSU-Bozeman, IMO Lila Moen Sanders and IHO Phyllis Moen Sanguine; Abby R. Mehling, Northern Michigan University, IMO James F. and Anne Hoffman; Tamrah K. Pewitt, MSU-Bozeman, IMO Ardis Parke Fuhrman; Kelsi M. Schultz, Miles Community College, IHO Sever and Esther Enkerud; Samuel L. Schultz, MSU-Bozeman, IMO Donald “Don” J. Baker; Luke G. Zeiger, Chadron State College, IMO Robert “Bob” E. Rennick, Jr.


Second-time recipients:


Shyla R. Bergtoll, Weber State University, IMO Ivy and Millie Knight; Whitney Billing, Western Governors University, IHO Beryl Pehlke; Alexandre M. Daggett, Minot State University, IMO Horace O. and Emma C. Gamas; Emma R. Fewer, University of Montana, IHO James and Ailene Dokken Olk; Madison V. Hansen, MSU-Bozeman, IMO Erik Walstad; Abigail C. Helland, MSU-Bozeman, IRO Tom and Flora Coghlan Family; Lane V. Herbert, University of North Dakota, IRO LeRoy and Bess Lockwood Family; Kylie Heringer, University of Colorado-Denver, IRO Ione and Phyllis Kleppin; Grant L. Legare, MSU-Bozeman, IMO Cecil and Chloe Toftness; Rose M. Reyling, Purdue University, IMO Arthur and Audrey Parke; Skyler Sallee, Appalachian Bible College, IMO Maxine Fiedler; Mariah Stein, Black Hills State University, IHO Everett and Elizabeth Breigenzer; Chloe Sukut, MSU-Bozeman, IMO Les, Lillian, and Mary Margarette Hanson; Lachlan Vaira, University of North Dakota, IMO Leonard H. and Kathryn L. Langen; Ellen Walstad, University of North Dakota, IMO Marsha Cotton Hall; Rachel Zeiger, University of South Dakota, IMO David “Dave” J. Clowes;.


Third-time recipients:


Danielle Belleau, Minot State University, IHO Gayle Wagenhals Sage; Griffin Bengochea, MSU-Bozeman, IMO Verda Hoffarth Stewart; Alaina Cole, MSU-Bozeman, IHO Bill and Peggy Pattison; Jamie Johnson, MSU-Bozeman, IMO L.J. and Jean Baker; Rachel Pewitt, MSU-Bozeman, IMO Dean Rusher; Misty Raup, Liberty University, IMO James “Jamie” K. Fewer;    

Kristina Rauscher, University of Great Falls, IHO Charlotte Bruce; Taylor Strommen, Western Governors University, IRO Herb and Lucille Friedl Family; Andrew Wageman, University of North Dakota, IMO Richard “Dick” and Mary Lou Alley Wagenhals; Laurel Wageman, MSU-Bozeman, IRO Stannebein Family;


Fourth-time recipient:


Tyana Rasmusan, Montana Tech-UM,  IHO Dorothy Kolstad. 


The following equipment and programs were purchased for Glasgow High School:


Sound System upgrades for the auditorium, Music Department,    IHO O. E. and Lois Markle;


Pro Start Program Equipment, Family and Consumer Science         Department, IMO Beatrice Trites and Famly;


18 eight-foot tables and 6 six-foot tables, Math Department ,         IRO Paul and  Joyce Ruffcorn Jacobson;


Two 3-D Printers, Industrial Technology Department, IMO         Ronald Combs


Pro Plan for Coding, Business/Computer Science Department,         IRO Willard and Charlotte Bruce Family