Remembering Karen D. Newton

Remembering Karen D. Newton with GHS Educational Trust Gift

“Learning is fun!”, an expression often used by educators and parents to motivate students, was more than just a slogan to the late Karen D. Newton.  When she stepped into her classroom each day, it became a reality.  The lesson was clear:  Learning was important, requiring both attention and effort, but it was also “fun!”  Her infectious enthusiasm, extensive knowledge, and sense of humor, even in the most trying of circumstances, made each day’s adventure in learning and living in community “fun” for hundreds of Glasgow elementary students throughout her 29 and 1/2 years of devoted instruction.  Decades later, many of Mrs. Newton’s former students remember her patient guidance through Montana history projects as their first experience in independent research and writing and their first real connection with their community and state.  These activities were typical of the many skills she taught that would serve her students for a lifetime. 

A native of Lewistown, Montana, who earned a Master’s Degree in Education from Eastern Montana College (now MSU-Billings), Karen D. (Horning) Newton showered the same devotion on her children Andy Newton and Dyan (Ben) Garcia, and on her grand-daughter Zoey.  An active member of the community in both formal and informal groups, Karen’s intelligence and commitment were well-known and appreciated, and her many friends and associates would attest that just as she did in her classroom, she made everything “fun.”

A donation to the Glasgow High School Educational Trust in her memory from her husband Tim Newton ensures that Mrs. Newton’s lessons will be remembered and will continue to support and encourage others to pursue their educational goals.  The 2017-2018 academic year marks the first time a financial gift will be made by the trust in her memory to a GHS graduate attending college, trade school, or an accredited online program.  A gift will be made by the trust in her memory every year hereafter.

The Glasgow High School Educational Trust was established by the GHS Class of 1938 in 1964.  Its mission is to provide financial assistance to GHS alumni enrolled in higher education and to purchase equipment and programs for Glasgow High School that cannot be financed within the regular budget.  Gifts of cash, real estate, and stock from faithful supporters across the nation have grown the corpus of the trust to over $6 million dollars.  Interest earned on its investments is awarded to eligible applicants through a semi-annual process administered by the trustees.  Application deadlines are July 1st and October 15th of each year.

Glasgow High School graduates who have completed one year of college or one semester of trade school, are in good academic standing, attending full-time (12 semester credits minimum), and showing steady progress toward completion of a degree or certification are encouraged to apply.  Financial need has always been a primary consideration. The application, which lists additional requirements that must be met, is available at  It must be completed properly, thoroughly, and submitted on time to be considered.

To date, the trust has made 2,265 awards to 707 different students totaling $2,003,500.00.  Many of these students have received multiple awards over their courses of study.  The trust has also made 118 awards to Glasgow High School providing enrichment activities and advanced equipment to every department.  The dollar amount of these gifts totals $232,517.80.    

Whenever the trust receives donations that total $500 in the name of a particular individual, a gift is given to a student or GHS in the name of that person.  Gifts of $10,000 or more in the name of a particular individual allow for a permanent annual naming opportunity.  The trust is honored to add Karen D. Newton’s name to its permanent list.      

At its recent semi-annual meeting, the Glasgow High School Educational Trust made the following awards in honor, recognition, or memory of the individual(s) listed after the student’s name and school.

First time recipients:  Mary Fewer, University of Montana, IMO Ivy and Millie Knight; Andrea Hansen, MSU-Bozeman, IMO Mary “Pat” Baker; Kerry Hoffman, University of North Dakota, 1st Semester: IRO Stannebein Family, 2nd Semester, IMO Lila Moen Sanders and IHO Phyllis Moen Sanguine; Karissa Liebelt, North Dakota State University, IMO Bernard T. “Bunky” Sullivan; Rachel Mickelson, Utah State University, IMO Karen D. Newton; Amy Nelson, MSU-Bozeman, IHO Beryl Pehlke; Jacob Page, University of Montana, IMO Cecil and Chloe Toftness; Brett See, Northwest College, 1st Semester: IHO Charlotte Bruce, 2nd Semester: IRO Willard and Charlotte Bruce Family; Alexa Shipp, MSU-Billings, IHO Bill and Peggy Pattison Endowment; Alexandrea Simensen, MSU-Bozeman, IMO Donald J. “Don” Baker; Kendra Vaughn, MSU-Billings, IMO L. J. and Jean Baker.

Second-time recipients: Josie Braaten, MN State University-Mankato, IMO Harold H. and Irene W. Smith; Amy Breigenzer, University of North Dakota, IMO Audrey and Arthur Parke; Kaleb Cole, MSU-Bozeman, IMO Aaron “Chappy” Chatten; Edwin Daggett, MSU-Bozeman, IMO Wallace L. Johnson; Erika Hartsock, UM-Skaggs School of Pharmacy, IRO Beatrice Trites Family; Gage Legare, MSU-Bozeman, IMO James K. “Jamie” Fewer; Abby Mehling, Northern Michigan University, IMO James F. and Anne Hoffmann; Tamrah Pewitt, MSU-Bozeman, IMO Ardis Parke Fuhrman; Samuel Schultz, MSU-Bozeman, 1st Semester: IMO Ronald A. Combs, 2nd Semester: IRO Herb and Lucille Friedl Family; Luke Zeiger, Chadron State College, IMO Robert “Bob” E. Rennick, Jr.

Third-time recipients:  Alexandre Daggett, Minot State University, 1st Semester: IMO Horace O. and Emma C. Gamas, 2nd Semester: IRO LeRoy and Bess Lockwood Family; Megan Dailey, Dickinson State University, IMO Hovland Family; Emma Fewer, University of Montana, IRO James and Ailene Dokken Olk Family; Debra Griebel, University of North Dakota, IRO Tom and Flora Coghlan Family; Madison Hansen, MSU-Bozeman, IMO Erik Walstad; Abigail Helland, MSU-Bozeman, IMO Dr. Nancy Lee Etchart; Lane Herbert, University of North Dakota, IMO Verda R. Stewart; Kylie Heringer, University of CO-Denver, IRO Ione and Phyllis Kleppin; Alex Page, UM-Skaggs School of Pharmacy, IMO Dr. F.M. and Bernice Knierim; Mariah Stein, Missouri Valley College, IHO Everett and Elizabeth Breigenzer; Chloe Sukut, MSU-Bozeman, IHO Sever and Esther Enkerud; Lachlan Vaira, University of North Dakota, IMO Leonard H. and Kathryn L. Langen; Ellen Walstad, University of North Dakota, IMO Marsha Cotton Hall; Rachael Zeiger, University of South Dakota, IHO O. E. and Lois Markle Family. 

Fourth-time Recipients:  Danielle Belleau, Humboldt State University, IHO Gayle Wagenhals Sage; Emilee Morehouse Poole, Rasmussen College, IMO Dean Rusher; Andrew Wageman, University of North Dakota, IMO Richard “Dick” and Mary Lou Alley Wagenhals. 

The following equipment was purchased for Glasgow High School:

Elliptical Cross Trainer - Health Enhancement Department – IMO Brian Pehlke;

Vex Classroom Kits (2) - Industrial Technology Department – IHO Stan Andersen             Family

Digital Scales (3) - Science Department – IMO Harry Rybock

Lincoln Power Mig 201 Welder - Industrial Technology Department - IRO Glenn             and Carolee Grina Wallem;

Welding Curtains (6) - Industrial Technology Department - IMO Vern and Edna             Richardson;

Shop Coats (25) - Industrial Technology Department - IRO Paul and Joyce Ruffcorn        Jacobson;

Welding Gloves (20) - Industrial Technology Department - IMO Maxine Fiedler.