O. E. and Lois Wilson Markle Memorial Gift

GHS Educational Trust Announces

Markle Memorial Gift and Recent Awards


Throughout their long and distinguished lives in Glasgow, Montana, Orval (O. E.) and Lois Wilson Markle epitomized three fundamental values:  commitment to family, faith, and friends; commitment to integrity in their businesses; and commitment to community service.  These values were instilled in their children on a daily basis and are reflected in the lives they have lived as well.  Clear evidence that these lessons were fully absorbed was made obvious recently by a donation of $100,000.00 to the Glasgow High School Educational Trust in memory of their parents by Tom (Cindy) Markle, Jack (Jeanine) Markle, Dick (Janet) Markle, Janet (Meredith) Reiter, and their families. 


The Glasgow High School Educational Trust was a cause particularly close to the hearts of both O. E. and Lois Markle.  As GHS alumni and strong believers in the transformative power of higher education, they were present at and a part of its creation in 1964 by the GHS Class of 1938, of which Lois was a member.  Orval, Class of 1934, was one of the first to step up and donate to the new trust, and Lois was a founding trustee.  She became the first chief executive officer and a tireless promoter of the trust by encouraging students to apply for financial aid, supporters to donate, and the GHS administration to enhance the opportunities it could offer all students with the trust’s support.   By volunteering her expertise and countless hours to its development, Lois oversaw the growth of the trust’s corpus to exceed $1 million dollars by the time of her retirement as CEO in 2000.  In thanks for her unselfish support of education, the Glasgow High School auditorium was named the Lois Wilson Markle Auditorium at that time. 


As children of The Great Depression, the founders of the trust knew how hard it was to find money for higher education. Both O. E. and Lois felt fortunate that they had been able to go to college, and they wanted the same opportunity for others.  From the beginning, financial aid from the trust was a gift-- a grant given with the understanding that what enhanced the life of one benefitted all, and financial need was and still is a primary consideration.  This philosophy has been widely embraced by hundreds of generous supporters across the nation through donations of cash, stock, and real estate, which have built the current corpus of the trust to over $6 million dollars.


Whenever the trust receives donations in memory, honor, or recognition of a specific individual that total $500 or more, a gift is made to a student or to Glasgow High School in that person’s name.  Donations of $10,000 or more entitle the donor to an annual naming opportunity in perpetuity. 


Interest earned on the trust’s investments is distributed to eligible GHS graduates through a semi-annual application process administered by the trustees. Applicants must have completed one year of college or one semester of trade school, be full-time students (12 semester credits or more) either on campus, online, or in another correspondence program, in good academic standing, and showing progress toward completion of a degree or certification.  The application is available on the trust’s website at   Additional requirements listed on the application must also be met.  Students seeking aid for both semesters of the academic year must apply by July 1st of each year, and those seeking aid for spring semester only must apply by October 15th of each year.  Recipients of financial aid from the trust may reapply for additional grants for a total of eight semesters if they remain eligible under all other conditions.   Applications must be complete and submitted on time to be considered.     


The dreams that O. E. and Lois Markle and the other founders put on paper and began to promote in 1964 in the hope of making a significant difference in the lives of Glasgow students have perhaps succeeded beyond their wildest expectations.  To date, the Glasgow High School Educational Trust has awarded an astounding $2,182,500.00 in financial aid to 721 different GHS graduates.  Many of these students have received multiple awards over their courses of study, reducing their need for loans and allowing them to focus on their studies. 


In addition to the awards made to students, the Glasgow High School Educational Trust has made 119 gifts to Glasgow High School for equipment and programs which total $241,015.80.    Every department of GHS has benefitted from the trust’s support, and thereby every student, as does the community at large when it attends events at the school or uses its facilities.  These awards are made at the summer semi-annual meeting.    


As lifelong residents of Glasgow, Montana, O. E. and Lois Wilson Markle left their marks on numerous and varied institutions and causes through their leadership, service, and financial contributions.  Their long-term commitment to improving the lives of others in their community is perfectly illustrated by their support for the Glasgow High School Educational Trust, which has been reaffirmed by their children.  This gift will benefit generations to come, thanks to the shared vision of the O. E. and Lois Wilson Markle family.


For that purpose and in that spirit, the Glasgow High School Educational Trust recently awarded financial assistance for the 2018-2019 academic year to the following students in memory, honor, or recognition of the individuals designated: 


First time recipients: Kiauna Barstad, Rocky Mountain College, IHO Bill and Peggy Pattison Endowment; Luke Breigenzer, MSU-Bozeman, IMO Erik Walstad; Des’Rea Dible, MSU-Bozeman, 1st semester – IMO Vern and Edna Richardson, 2nd semester – IRO Beatrice Trites and Family; Chase Fossum, Carroll College, IMO James “Jim” A. Parke; Teagan Fossum, U. of Mary, IHO Gayle Wagenhals Sage; Trent Herbert, ND State College of Science,1st semester – IMO Ronald A. Combs, 2nd semester – IRO Glenn and Carolee Grina Wallem; Anthony Kaiser, U. of North Dakota, IMO Lois Wilson Markle; Khloe Krumwiede, U. of North Dakota, - IMO Dean Rusher; Jordan Kulczyk, Williston State College, IMO Verda R. Stewart; Taylor Padden, MSU-Bozeman, IMO O. E. and Lois Wilson Markle; Matthew Phillips, Lake Area Technical Institute, IMO Richard “Dick” and Mary Lou Alley Wagenhals.  


Second time recipients:  Mary Fewer, U. of Montana, IHO James and Ailene Dokken Olk Family; Andrea Hansen, MSU-Bozeman, IHO Sever and Esther Enkerud; Kerry Hoffman, U. of North Dakota, IMO Ivy and Millie Knight; Karissa Liebelt, North Dakota State U.,  IMO Dr. Nancy Lee Etchart; Amy Nelson, MSU-Bozeman, IHO Beryl Pehlke; Jacob Page, U. of Montana, 1st semester – IMO Leonard A. and Margery A. Bollinger, 2nd Semester - IHO Phyllis Moen Sanguine and IMO Lila Moen Sanders; Brett See, MSU-Bozeman, 1st semester – IHO Charlotte Bruce, 2nd semester - IRO Willard and Charlotte Bruce Family; Alexa Shipp, MSU -Billings, IMO Karen D. Newton; Alexandrea Simensen, MSU-Bozeman, IMO Donald J. “Don” Baker; Jason Thibault, Dickinson State U., IMO Don and Bunny Daggett; Kendra Vaughn, MSU-Billings, IMO L. J. and Jean Baker;


Third time recipients:  Josie Braaten, Minnesota State U. – Mankato, 1st semester - IRO Paul & Joyce Ruffcorn Jacobson, 2nd semester – IMO Harold H. and Irene W. Smith; Amy Breigenzer, U. of North Dakota, IMO Arthur and Audrey Parke; Kaleb Cole, MSU-Bozeman, IMO Aaron “Chappy” Chatten; Edwin Daggett, MSU-Bozeman, 1st semester - IMO Horace O. and Emma C. Gamas, 2nd  semester - IMO Wallace L. Johnson;  Jake Hentges, MSU-Northern, IMO Harry Rybock; Gage Legare, MSU-Bozeman, IMO James “Jamie” K. Fewer; Abby Mehling, Northern Michigan University, 1st semester - IMO James F. and Anne Hoffmann, 2nd semester - IMO Maxine Fiedler; Tamrah Pewitt, MSU-Bozeman, IMO Ardis Parke Fuhrman; Samuel Schultz, MSU-Bozeman, 1st semester – IMO Hovland Family, 2nd semester – IRO Herb and Lucille Friedl Family; Luke Zeiger, MSU-Northern, IMO Robert “Bob” E. Rennick, Jr. 


Fourth time recipients:  Lane Herbert, U. of North Dakota, 1st semester – IMO Leonard H. and Kathryn L. Langen, 2nd semester – IRO Tom and Flora Coghlan Family; Ethan Kliewer, MSU-Bozeman, IRO Stannebein Family;  Alex Page, UM Skagg’s School of Pharmacy, 1st semester - IMO Dr. F. M. and Bernice Knierim, 2nd semester – IRO LeRoy and Bess Lockwood Family; Mariah Stein, Missouri Valley College, IHO Everett and Elizabeth Breigenzer; Rachael Zeiger, U. of South Dakota, IMO Marsha Cotton Hall. 


The Glasgow High School Educational Trust also agreed to purchase a Lifetime Cylinder Lease with Gas for the Industrial Technology Department at Glasgow High School IMO Cecil and Chloe Toftness.